Stop All Docker Containers | Using Single Command

How to stop all docker containers by using only single command. This is really very easy for everyone. Who know the basic commands of the docker. Also know the process of executing the docker command. And where to execute docker commands. Then you can easily understand and execute this command how to stop all docker containers.

Stop All Docker Containers

Stop All Docker Containers

sudo docker stop $(sudo docker ps -aq)

When we work in software development. Then it became obvious for all developer. To create a suitable infrastructure for the software. So that the software can run or execute easily in an appropriate environment.

When we start developing multi feature of software. Then we need multi environment server to run. So for that we use Docker container. Because it is very light and easy to create.

Command To Stop All Docker Containers

sudo docker stop $(sudo docker ps -a  -q)

When-ever you use this command. Then it will pause all docker containers which are in running mode.

After successfully executing this docker command. Then you have to check it out manually. That all running containers have been stopped or not.

So for checking that you should use the command which is mentioned below.

sudo docker ps

When the above command execute successfully. Then the work of this command is to show all the running containers.

If you found no running containers. Then are successed in stopping all running containers.

But if you found any running containers. So it means that, you have to use again docker stop command. Only after the successful command, then you can move forward.

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In the conclusion, so we have covered how to stop all docker containers by using single command. And also how to check all containers are stopped or not.

I am pretty much sure that after reading this page. Now you can also easily stop all your containers in single command.

Finally, Thank you very much for reading this page.