Docker See All Containers | Running Stopped & Exited Containers

Docker see all containers: So we are going to check all the container list. As we all know that every containers has some status. For example Running, Stopped and Exited. So we will also see, how we find all the containers. Which are having different status.

Docker See All Containers

You do not need to worry about. How could I remember all the different command for checking the containers list. When you read this article thoroughly. You will see how much easy it was to learn all the different status containers. So let’s get started now.

Docker See All Containers

Before we start directly to check the all containers. First I will tell you that every container has three different status. Like Running Status, Stopped Status, Exited Status.

To see all these different status containers. So for that you will have to use the different commands according to the container status.

See All Running Containers

New command

sudo docker container ls

Old Command

sudo docker ps

When you use the above command. Then you will see only the containers which are running.

See All Stopped Containers

New Command

sudo docker container ls -a

Old Command

sudo docker ps -a

If you will use the above command. Then you will find the all stopped containers.

See All Exited Containers

New Command

sudo docker container ls -a -f "status=exited"

Old Command

sudo docker ps -a -f "status=exited"

By using the above command, you will get all exited containers.


When you are going to see all docker container. Then you must be sure that container should be available on your computer. But if you found that there is no container available on you computer.

Then you will have to create docker container from image.

If you don’t know how to create container from image. Then please follow the below link. I have described it in a very simple format. Which everyone can understand easily.

Creating Docker Container

You can see, how to create docker container. After reading this you can also create your own docker container. Because this is very simple and easy to create.

Docker ses all containers


In the conclusion, we have covered. How you can get docker see all containers. Also we have seen how to check all containers which are having different status. And all those command are very much similar. Which are easy to understand for everyone.

I think you have learned something from this article.

Thank you very much for being here.