Docker Build Command Examples With Detailed Description

See the docker build command examples. Today we are going to see the docker build command. And also you will the this command with help of examples. So that it would become very easy for you to understand it very well.

Nowadays you could be listening it from every where or may be looking ever where. Because this is mostly use by everyone in the Software IT field. For your kind information, I will also tell you that why docker build command is use. Where this will be used.

Because it can not be use any where. Every docker command has some specific purpose to do. So let’s start now.

Docker Build Command

The docker build command is use for executing the Dockerfile with example. And the Dockerfile contains the multiple set of command or the instructions. These set of command helps in creating the new docker images.

So for creating the new image. The Dockerfile must be executed. Because if the dockerfile will not execute, then you can not create a new docker image.

And for executing the Dockerfile. So you will have to use the docker build command. See below for command.

Build Command

sudo docker build <dockerfile-location> -t  <give-image-name>

When you run this docker build command. Then the Dockerfile will get execute. After that you will get a newly create docker image.

For Examples

Step 1> Crete a Dockerfile and add the required command inside that Dockerfile.

Use below commands in Dockerfile.

  • FROM (This will create a base image)
  • RUN (This will execute command on base image)
  • ADD (This will add file into base image folder)
  • COPY (This will copy file to base image folder)
  • CMD (This will execute when container will start)
  • Etc

Step 2> Save the file by name Dockerfile.

This is very important for you to always save the file with the name of Dockerfile.

Step 3> Execute Dockerfile using below command

sudo docker build <dockerfile-location> -t <give-image-name>

When you will execute the above command. After that you will see on the terminal, that the Dockerfile commands will start executing in a sequence order.

Step 4> Check the New Created Image

sudo docker images

So this will show your all docker images list. There will find your newly created image.

Creating Docker Images From Scratch

But if you are looking to create your own required custom docker image. Then please see the below link. You will get detail description.


In the conclusion, When you have seen how to use docker build command examples. Also very important why you should use docker build command. And where to use this build command. Now you will be clear in your mind about docker build command with example.

I hope this article was very helpful to you. For getting an idea about the of Docker Build command.

Thank you very much for reading this page.