Create Docker Container From Image | In Single Docker Command

Today we are going to see, how we can create docker container from image. We will be using the command for creating the docker container. After that we will cover, how can we give a name to the docker container. All these action will performed with the help of using docker commands. I will show you each and every command. These command are specified to perform the specific task. You will see the best thing about these docker commands, is that they all are executed within a single command. And very easy to remember all commands. So let’s get started now.

Create Docker Container From Image

Create Docker Container From Image

When you want to create your docker container. So for that you will have to use the RUN command. Because the RUN command will execute the docker image. And when the docker image is successfully executed. Then your container will be created. And the RUN command is available below.

Create Docker Container Command

sudo docker run -d -it <image-name>

Provide Name To Container

If you want to give the specific name to docker container. Which help us to understand it easy. That what this container is all about. So providing name to the container will helps us.

sudo docker run -d -it --name <give-container-name> <image-name>

See Created Container

When your command executed successfully. The you will find a long code after command execution. Which means that your container is created.

Create docker container

So now it’s the time to check your newly create docker container from image. You can easily check your container by using below command

sudo docker ps

The above command will provide you the complete list of docker containers. And here in this list of containers. You will have find your created container.

This how you can generate your own docker container. But before moving to this you must ensure to check the prerequisites.


When your are going to create the container. First of all you must ensure that there are some image available on your system. Because for generating the new container, we will have to run the docker image. As we all know that container are the only instance of docker images.

So there must be available docker images. You can find all available list of docker images using below command.

Available Docker Image

sudo docker images

After using this command you will get a list of docker images. And to create docker container from image,you can use any available docker image.

But if you found that there are no available docker image. Then you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can create a new docker image very easily without any hassle.

Create Docker Image

So creating a new docker image is also as simple as creating a new container. And I have describe it very simply in detailed. That how can you create your own docker image. And also I have used 3 method of creating docker image. You can any method one of them. Which ever you find easy for you. After seeing all these 3 method, you will feel and find it like it’s your cup of tea.

Create Docker container from Image


In the conclusion, so finally we have learned how to create docker container from image. We have also seen the command, how to give or provide the name to docker container. After we saw before creating container, first we must see the available docker image. And if there is no available image. Then how you are going to create it.

Now I hope after providing you the all detailed description from every point of angle. It will be clear to you. Now you can also start using your own docker container.

Thank you very much for giving your important time to this page.