Docker is a platform as a service (PaaS) which is used to Run, Test, and Deploy the application or software in the container. So the using of this process is known as Containerization.

What is Docker for
Docker Command

Docker Commands

When you use Docker (PaaS) in your project to Run, Test, and deploy the application or software in the container. So all the steps can be done by using Docker Commands.

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Docker Image are the template of software. And it also contain the set of instruction for creating the docker container.

Docker container is the instance of docker image. For creating container, we have to run the docker image.

sudo docker run -it  <image-name>

For checking, what is inside the Docker container. Use below command.

sudo docker inspect <container-name/id>

We can check the size/memory of Docker container. By below command.

sudo docker stats  <container-name/id>